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Address the Energy Leaks

Keep Your Practice Sustainable

 Fix the Leaks & Keep your Practice Sustainable 

If you are concerned about sustainability and the health of the planet, you probably check to make sure that your windows shut tight when the heat is on, promptly address dripping faucets, and don’t drive around in circles endlessly. You watch for the energy leaks because you don’t want to waste resources. Well, what’s true for the planet can be true for your practice. Yes, you should definitely make sure the lights are out when you leave the office at night- but’s that’s not what I’m talking about.

Your practice requires energy- your psychic and emotional energy, and resources- your time and money, to run smoothly. If there are energy leaks or wasted resources, the sustainability of your practice can be compromised.

Just like you might do an energy audit of your home, it’s important to do an energy audit of your practice. There are lots of little areas that, if not attended to, begin to be a drain on your psychic energy. These small leaks- whether they be sloppy systems, shaky therapeutic frames, or bad billing behaviors, all subtly drain your energy.

Are there long-avoided things on your to-do list that leave you with a chronic sense of being behind? 

Have you been delaying reviewing or raising the fee with a particular patient? 

Do you need a better system for tracking referrals?

Is there a case where you feel stuck week after week but haven’t yet sought consultation? 

Are you forgetting to replenish yourself outside of sessions?

Doing an energy audit of your practice can identify areas where you may need to delegate, old goals that may need to be let go, and how you can use your resources wisely to sustain a practice that is nourishing to you and healing to your clients.

Make sure your private practice is sustainable

As the new year approaches, commit to addressing one of the energy leaks. Just one.  And if you are feeling motivated when that one is done, do another.  Little by little you can make a big difference in your overall sense of ease and efficacy with your work. 

If you are feeling like your practice just isn't sustainable, and you want help turning it around, schedule a private practice consultation below.