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    Money Matters Deep Dive Online Course

    New! Money Matters Deep Dive Online Course

    Be part of the founding cohort as I take my in-person workshop online!

    The Money Matters Deep Dive is moving online and I couldn't be more excited.

    Dig in to the three money realms of private practice- the personal realm, the business realm, and the clinical realm - and master money matters in your practice.


    If you are ready to identify and deal with the blocks that are keeping you from earning what you want and need in your practice..

    If you are ready to confidently initiate conversations that address both the concrete and symbolic aspects of money for your clients...

    If you are ready to shine some compassion on that money shame so it's not running the show anymore...


    Then you'll want to be on the waitlist for the Deep Dive.

    Getting on the waitlist isn't making a commitment to the class, but even this small step is an indication that you are ready for something to change in your relationship to money in your practice.

    "I found that dedicating time and space to addressing my personal relationship with money and my concerns about money in private practice was incredibly beneficial to my practice and my confidence. The workshop has given me a lot to think about and many resources to dive in to in order to get a more solid grasp on my business finances."

    - David Khalili, MFT

    Money in the Clinical Dyad Study Group

    Money in the Clinical Dyad Study Group

    In Person and Online classes start September 2019

    An exploration of money in the psychic and relational lives of our clients/patients. 


    This small group learning experience is for a limited number of private practice clinicians who want to dig deeper into the clinical realm of money in private practice.


    Through discussion of relevant papers and case material, we will address a range of topics such as:

    • the fee as an integral part of the therapeutic frame
    • working with clients who have much more or much less money than the therapist
    • destructive ways of relating to money
    • how the therapist's need (in the form of charging a fee) impacts the therapeutic relationship
    • money in the transference/countertransference matrix
    •  enactments born of the therapist's money anxieties

    All the details can be found here.



    private practice, fees, psychotherapy, money

    Money Matters in Private Practice

    In person two-hour evening class in Oakland, CA


    Class size limited.

    Next date: TBA


    Conversations about the fee are the ones that can make therapists the most uncomfortable, especially if they are newer to private practice. How those conversations unfold is influenced by many factors, including the therapist's personal beliefs and needs around money, their clarity about their business, their class identification, and their ability to address the clinical issues that are connected to the fee. That's a lot going on at once, and that's just what's happening inside the therapist. The fee is also meaningful for the client, in both concrete and symbolic ways. No wonder it can be so anxiety producing.


    In this interactive workshop, we will think about fees in private practice from personal, business, and clinical perspectives. Whether you are just starting out or have been in practice for a while, this class will help you

    • Identify your blocks around fee setting and learn how to overcome them
    • Know how to determine what fees you need to have a sustainable practice and meet your income goals. 
    • Understand how your own relationship with money can show up countertransferentially during the initial fee setting and throughout the treatment.

    My intention is for this to be a supportive environment where we can think together about the complexities of being business owners and clinicians and people who want to make a good living while doing good work in the world.


    Feedback from former participants:


    "This was extremely helpful! Particularly in that I was able to cathartically express feelings I have kept inside about money and my practice. I feel empowered and grounded!" - E.C.


    photo by Didier Weemaels

    Money Matters Deep Dive

    In person daylong workshop in Oakland, CA.


    Class size limited. Next date TBD.


    This daylong workshop covers all the material from the Money Matters 2-hour class, but we go even deeper into the three money realms. This workshop will help you

    • Uncover the personal money stories that impede or support your relationship to money in your business

    • Identify your values around the fee and therapy, so you can establish a fee structure for your practice from a place of integrity

    • Improve your ability to listen on multiple levels when having fee conversations with clients

    • Become more comfortable addressing issues related to money in general and the therapy fee in particular

    The day will be interactive and experiential, with plenty of time to explore the tricky money situations in your own practices and discuss case material together.
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