• Private Practice Consultation

    You’re overwhelmed with all there is to do to start, grow, and sustain your psychotherapy practice.


    There’s so much going on between trying to grow the practice

    and thinking deeply about your clinical work,

    and you find yourself missing the support you had at your agency or clinic.


    You really want this private practice thing to work, but you didn't learn how to do this in

    grad school or at your agency.


    You’ve got to find a way to deal with the self-doubt, isolation, and confusion.


    I get it. I've been there.

  • Starting private practice can be difficult. It's not that the tasks are necessarily so hard. Most of them aren't. Learning how to be comfortable with being a business owner and a clinician and someone who might also be an introvert, or perfectionist, or whatever...that's the hard work.


    But you don't have to do it alone.

    • If you feel guilty setting your fee, or find yourself saying "but..." immediately after you state your fee...
    • If you find yourself being too flexible out of fear that your client will leave and you won't be able to pay your rent...
    • If you get caught in "compare and despair", getting lost in the rabbit hole of Psychology Today profiles instead of doing what you need to do...


    You can still have the practice you've always imagined.

    You just might need some help getting there.


    I help therapists with all levels of experience think about the business, clinical and personal realms of private practice, so they can feel more confident in their many roles, and build practices that are truly nourishing and sustainable.

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