• Money in the Clinical Dyad
    Monthly Consult Group

    A drop-in group to support your thinking about money in practice

    Have a case where

    Group will be capped at 8 people.

    We will meet on the second Friday of the month from 12:30-2pm via Zoom video conferencing.

    You must register at least 48 hours in advance.

    If there is a

    To participate in this drop in group, you need to have taken a prior class or workshop with me. (Money Matters Daylong, Money in the Clinical Dyad Study Group, or a training at your agency) If you have questions about your eligibility to participate, please contact me prior to registering.

  • Pillars of Practice Consultation Group

    A unique consultation group focusing on both the clinical and the business aspects of growing a

    nourishing and sustainable private practice.

    Being new to private practice means "taking your seat" as a both a clinician and a business owner. While you probably developed some strong clinical skills at your training program or agency job, its likely you didn't get all the skills you need to grow and maintain a truly rewarding private practice.


    This group is all about the and.

    You're a clinician and a business owner.


    You're trying to think about the concrete and the symbolic.
    You want to do good work in the world and you want to make a good living.

    You want a practice that is sustainable and enjoyable and true to who you are.

    If you are in your first years of private practice (or private practice internship) and are interested in thinking relationally or incorporating relational psychoanalytic concepts into your work, this could be an ideal fit.


    You will:

    • Develop a community of trusted colleagues who know your work well and support your practice growth
    • Get more comfortable setting fees and working with fee and frame issues
    • Establish and hold policies that are part of a therapeutic frame and help you prevent burnout
    • Have accountability around practice building activities
    • Develop your clinical and professional voice
    • Feel more confident as both a clinician and a business owner, better able to handle the tricky situations that arise


    The group lasts 1 1/2 hours. The first half of group is a general check-in and discussion of clinical and business issues. In the second half, we do a case presentation. Therapists will present the same case two weeks in a row, so there is a chance to incorporate feedback from the group and follow up. Once a month, the first hour of the group will be dedicated to a topic relevant to building and sustaining a private practice. Topics may include Developing a Niche, Fee Setting, Policies and the Frame, Overcoming Internal Obstacles, Being a Good Boss to Yourself and other topics as requested by group members.


    Update June 2019:

    There are no current group openings.


    If you would like to be notified when there are new group openings, contact me by clicking the button below.