• Do you dread conversations about money?

    I promise, you're not alone.

    Money is evocative. It brings up so. many. feelings.


    The unfortunate truth is that loads of therapists are earning far less money than they could- less money than they need for a truly nourishing and sustainable practice.
    Because they avoid deeply engaging with the financial aspects of their practices.
    You might be avoiding money issues for any of these reasons:
    • You weren't taught how to think clinically about money in graduate school
    • Thinking about your personal financial situation brings up such a slew of difficult emotions it seems easier to avoid the whole topic
    • You're not comfortable charging for your work (I don't want to seem like a money-hungry therapist!)
    • You're so afraid clients/patients* will leave therapy or be upset that you avoid acknowledging your own needs
    • Or maybe you're not even sure what you want or need when it comes to money
    and that's just scratching the surface.
    If you struggle with money-related anxiety and overwhelm in your private practice...
    If you feel ambivalent about charging your fee...
    If you wonder if your work could be deeper and more impactful if you could have effective conversations about money with your clients...
    If you know in your heart that if you want this private practice thing to work over the long-term, you are going to need to do some reckoning with money...
    Then I invite you to take a Money Matters Deep Dive with me.

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    * I use the terms client and patient interchangeably, as I find both terms to have up sides and down sides.

  • What's the course all about?

    I know it's not easy to think about money, but the truth is that if you are going to have a successful practice- one that generates good income while providing solid clinical work, you need to understand the three money realms of private practice. 
    The Money Matters Deep Dive will teach you what you need to know to master the personal, business, and clinical realms of money in practice.
    You will be able to handle fee issues with clarity,integrity,and confidence, learn to be the best boss you've ever had, deepen your clinical work, and earn more income so you can thrive as a therapist over the long-term.

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    Module 1 Overview

    Understanding the three money realms of private practice

    An orientation on how to get the most benefit from the course and an overview of the three money realms of private practice.

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    Module 2 The Personal Realm: Getting Real About Your Money Story

    Therapist, know thyself.

    You'll get clear about your personal money story and how it influences your decisions in your practice. Discover how your social location, personal psychology, family upbringing and more have influenced your (sometimes contradicting) beliefs about money. Learn the most common ways therapists stop themselves from earning what they want, why this happens, and what to do about it. (Hint..it starts with some massive self-compassion)

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    Module 3 The Business Realm: Getting Comfortable Being a Business Owner

    Fees, policies, and systems, oh my!

    Here's where you'll make friends with your numbers. You'll determine the fees you'll need to charge to either just get by, be pretty comfortable, or seriously thrive. Learn about and set up systems to track your numbers like a boss (cause you're the boss!). Determine the practice policies that best suit you personally and financially.

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    Module 4 The Clinical Realm: Taking it Deeper

    Making the most out of money issues

    Money is not just a logistical topic to get past on the way to the 'real issues' of therapy. Money is both concrete and symbolic, for you and your clients. This module will help you work with your countertransference so you can more effectively address money issues with your clients. You'll learn how the fee, policies, and other aspects of the clinical frame can be entry points to a deeper understanding of the client's internal world and relationships. You'll gain an understanding of why and how the therapist's bringing their own need (in the form of charging a fee) into the clinical relationship can be both a challenge and an opportunity to deepen the therapy. Learn key theoretical concepts that will anchor your money explorations in the clinical hour.

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    Yes, please!

    • LIve Q & A sessions via Zoom
    • Access to private Money Matters listserv
    • 20 minute individual consultation call 
  • Who is this for?

    The Money Matters Deep Dive founders cohort is for you if...

    • You are ready to identify and deal with the blocks that are keeping you from earning what you want and need in your practice.
    • You are ready to shine some compassion on that money shame so it's not running the show anymore.
    • You are sick of  feeling guilty, overwhelmed and confused when it comes to money.
    • You are ready to confidently initiate conversations that address both the concrete and symbolic aspects of money for your clients/patients.
    • You are ready to take some action. Even small steps can make a big difference!
    • You're willing to show up, share your experience, and be a bit uncomfortable.
    • You don't mind sharing your feedback and dealing with a few possible tech hiccups in exchange for getting the one-time-only beta program price.

    This might not be for you if you are not working in a private practice model and are not planning to in the future. 

    If you are in a related field but not a practicing therapist, let's talk before you sign up. You might get a lot from the course, but I want it to be a good fit. Just shoot me an email.

  • FAQ

    Are you going to just tell me to increase my fees? What if I take insurance?

    I can't tell you what to charge, and can't tell you how your ideal business should look. What I will do is guide you through a process that helps you answer those questions. You'll come away with a plan that doesn't require compromising your well-being (Can you say burnout?). The picture will not look the same for everyone, and that is totally ok.

    The Deep Dive is not about learning how to charge as much as you can just for the sake of charging a high fee. It's about having a thorough and nuanced understanding of money in private practice and working from a place of integrity, depth, abundance, and truth.

    Will this be live or self-paced?

    The topics for the live Q& A calls will follow the order of the modules over a period of weeks, but you can watch the videos and do the worksheets at your own pace. You can go back and re-watch them as often as you'd like. I'll be in the private facebook group regularly to answer questions.

    What if I'm not in practice yet?

    If you are not practicing independently yet, there will still be loads of useful information in the Deep Dive. You'll be in a much better position for when you do start your own practice and can set up a strong foundation from the get-go.

    If you are not interested in working in a private practice setting, or work in an agency where clients do not pay directly for their therapy, the business and clinical modules won't be as relevant. Try a personal finance course instead.

    Are there CEUs?

    At this time CEUs are not available. I'll be looking into that for future rounds of the course. My first priority is creating something that is going to be the most useful for you in all areas of your practice. Later I'll work on CEUS for the clinical aspects of the course.

    What's the cost?

    I'm still working out all the details, but the founders cohort will get a significant one-time-only reduced rate for the beta version of the course, plus lifetime access to the course material. If you apply what you learn, you'll earn back what you spend on the course many times over.

    What's a beta program?

    I've been teaching Money Matters classes and workshops live in Oakland, CA and am now bringing the course online. Because it's the first time in this format, I expect there will be a few kinks to work out. That's where you come in. You get to give real time feedback and influence how the course gets shaped.

  • What folks are saying

    "The clinical information was so helpful. That blew my mind. The conversations (about fee) are still challenging, but are getting easier from having reflected on it with you in the training."

    -Money Matters Deep Dive daylong workshop participant

    "Dedicating time and space to addressing my personal relationship with money and my concerns about money in private practice was incredibly beneficial to my practice and my confidence. The workshop has given me a lot to think about and many resources to get a more solid grasp on my business finances."

    - David Khalili, MFT

    "This was extremely helpful! I was able to cathartically express feelings I have kept inside about money and my practice. I feel empowered and grounded!"

    - EC, Money Matters in Private Practice class participant

  • Sign me up!

    Registration for the founding cohort of the Money Matters Deep Dive online course will open later this fall.

    Be the first to know!

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